Indie Zone


My work is a very serious game

Awarded categories

entregado por DEV
2.000€ + Cup
Uptodown Awards
1.000€ + cup
Audience Award


Steps to registration

1º Register in the form

2º If you are selected

Send the recruitment form with the data
The proof of payment
The graphics of your studio (140x195cm a 150ppp min)

3º You are already a participant of the Indie Zone!

Indie Zone Registration Rules

The Indie Zone is a space dedicated to showcasing the latest independent video games in development and recently released by their own studios. This section will bring together artists, designers, professionals and video game creators who wish to exhibit and publicise their projects.

Participation in this space will take place on July 22, 23 and 24, 2022 at FYCMA, Trade Fairs & Congress Center of Málaga.

All the projects included in the Indie Zone of GameInvest 2022 will participate in a video game competition in which a jury will be in charge of evaluating the quality of the video games in different categories and whose winners will be announced at a gala to be held at the end of the event.

In this edition, Uptodown App Store will support the Indie Zone at GameInvest 2022, offering its marketplace to publish and promote all participating games that have a playable downloadable version and making the games known to the more than 130 million users that use its platform worldwide.

All the studios that participate in the indie zone and upload their demo to Uptodown App Store will be eligible to win the Uptodown Category Award for the best game, which will be chosen by a jury formed by Uptodown members.

The competition of Indie Zone of FreakCon 2022 include the following categories:

  • -Best Video game
  • -Best Design of Game
  • -Best Visual Appearance
  • -Best Sound
  • -Most Innovative Video Game
  • -Audience Award
  • -Uptodown Award


All the awards have a trophy to the winners, and it possess a “price pool” of 3000 €, which are broken down as follows:

  • -Best Video game - 2000€ + Trophy 
  • -Best Design of Game - Trophy
  • -Best Visual Appearance - Trophy
  • -Best Sound - Trophy
  • -Most Innovative Video Game - Trophy
  • -Audience Award - Trophy
  • -Uptodown Award - 1000€ + Trophy

The jury will be composed of professionals of the sector that will value the differents games of the competition during the festival.

The professionals, development companies and creators who have a video game regardless of gender or platform may participate, either mobile phones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) and for desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), VR or game consoles.

Unpublished videogames are accepted, in phase of prototype, waiting for the publication or already published if it has a release date after 1 of January in 2020. It does not matter if it is in physical or digital format on any of the existing distribution platforms. If you have any questions or in an especial case of your game, feel free to comment on

The development study will be responsible for showing its product in the Indie Zone to be free played for the assistants to the festival during the celebration of it. It cannot leave the space empty at any time during customer service.

Each participant project in the Indie Zone of GameInvest will count with a promotional position of the game with the following characteristics:

  • -Graphic material with artwork of the game.
  • -1 Table
  • -2 Chairs 
  • -Electrical outlet
  • -2 accredited by study to GameInvest 2022
  • -Discount to extra accreditations
  • -Complimentary Internet

The participant teams would remain in the Indie Zone during the complete duration of the event and they will be the reponsables of bring the platform on which its video game will be played. 

You have to consult with the organization if you want to bring a screen of a size larger than 32” or if your game has specific needs. 

In the case that a studio can not bring the necessary furniture for the execution of its activity, the furniture rental is available.

Possibility for games to be hosted and promoted completely free of charge through the Uptodown App Store All participating titles that have a downloadable public version will have the option of being published on Uptodown. The only requirement is that the game is available on at least one of the systems available on this marketplace: Android, Windows or Mac.

Uptodown will be able to host any free version of the game regardless of its status (demo, beta or final). To do this, the studio must be accepted to participate in the Indie Zone and subsequently register its software in th Uptodown Developer Console. In addition, it will be featured in the app store itself along with the rest of the participating titles, also having the possibility of being promoted at no cost through its dissemination channels (blog, social networks, press releases).

The studios that wish to participate in this edition should fill out the following form. The assignment of available places in Indie Zone will be awarded through the selection of projects until the quota is filled.  

After selection and confirmation by the organization, the studios will receive a space contracting page to formalize the participation in the Indie Zone of GameInvest.  

Los estudios seleccionados deberán enviar el cartel del juego para la producción de la gráfica a un tamaño de 140x195cm de tamaño, con 150 ppp mínimo de resolución, en formato vertical. Esta información se incluye de forma detallada en la hoja de contratación. El arte del juego deberá ser enviado a antes del 12 de julio de 2022 a las 00:00.

The price of the participation in the Indie Zone of GameInvest is 100€ and no guarantee of a place in the studio until the studio is received in full of the contracting page, the proof of payment and the graph of the study.

This amount finances the reservation of the seat, the printing of personalized graphics for each studio, as well as, specifications required for the area.

The participation in the Indie Zone takes place during the days 22, 23 and 24 of July of 2022 in FYCMA, Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga.